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plumbingAs a home owner you can encounter a variety of plumbing problems. Some of them can be fixed easily while others require the help of a skilled plumber. One common plumbing problem that many people encounter is low pressure in the shower or faucets. When this happens you need to check for the following issues.

Water Supply

The first thing to be checked when there is a low water pressure is the water supply into the house. You should check the valve at the main supply point and ensure that this is completely open.


Another cause for a drop in water pressure could be leaks in the pipes. To identify the section of the pipe where the leak could be located, you should check the pressure in all the faucets in your home. If the water pressure is low only in one faucet, the pipe leading to this might be leaking. Check the wall and floor in this area for dampness. If this is the cause, you need to change the plumbing in this section.


Apart from a leaking pipe, low water pressure can also be caused by blocks in the pipes. Debris, rust, and small stones found in the water can block the pipe and cause a drop in water pressure. Again, the solution is to replace the blocked section of the pipe to enable water to flow freely again.


Another common plumbing problem is a dripping tap or faucet caused by a worn out washer. In such cases, you simply need to replace the washer to stop the drip.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are a difficult plumbing problem to deal with. While sometimes a toilet plunger can clear the blockage, at other times you need to dismantle the S-bend to clear the block in the toilet.