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The Beauty of Home Heating

thermostatMost homes have either a gas based furnace or an electrically powered furnace to provide heating. Both these furnaces should be serviced once a year and maintained properly to ensure energy efficiency. This will help you keep energy bills low in the long term. The furnace should be professionally serviced before the beginning of the cold season and periodically checked and cleaned during times of continual use.


Cleaning the furnace and the rest of the heating system is a quick and inexpensive way of lowering the energy bill as dirt is the greatest cause of furnace inefficiency.


The furnace filter should be checked for dirt at the beginning of the cold season and once a month after that. The filter should be removed and held against the light to ensure that it is not clogged. If the light does not pass through, the filter should be cleaned or replaced. To replace the filter, the clogged filter can be taken to a hardware store and a new filter of the same model, make, and size can be purchased to replace it.


Apart from the furnace filter, the blower assembly is also an essential feature of the heating system and must be cleaned at least once a month. The blower motor, belts, and pulleys can all accumulate dirt and must be cleaned. For this the panel that covers the blower will have to be removed and the fan unit has to be brought out. Sometimes, the power cord for the fan unit is not long enough to slide it out. In such cases, the power cord has to be disconnected to slide the fan unit out. When doing this, it is important to mark the wires to enable ease of connection after the blower unit has been cleaned.

By cleaning the furnace once a month when in use, the heating bill can be kept under control.