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The Importance of Chimney Cleaning

chimneyWhen a fireplace is used to burn wood, the warmth and cheer it exudes can certainly make a room cozy. However, the smoke needs to be taken out of the room to ensure that the occupants are comfortable. Typically, the smoke from a fireplace leaves the room through the chimney. However, this will happen only when chimney cleaning is undertaken regularly.

Blocked Smoke

However, when the smoke leaves the room through the chimney it coats the flue with soot. This soot can build up over time and block the chimney, making it difficult for the freshly generated smoke to exit.

Natural Hazards

Additionally, the chimney can be blocked by the nests of small birds or animals unless it is used continuously. These nests can also catch fire or the fire can burn the chicks in the nest. Sometimes, even the soot in the chimney flue can catch fire. All of these pose a danger to the building as a fire in the chimney can spread to the entire structure. Chimney cleaning is the best way to ensure that the entire chimney is cleaned and cleared for the smoke to exit the room.


To avoid these hazards and ensure that the chimney draws the smoke efficiently, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year by a certified chimney cleaning service. They will also inspect the chimney since they are cleaning it and ensure that there are not any objects blocking the vent and that the damper opens and shuts properly.

Even a chimney that is used only rarely needs to be cleaned at least once a year. Ideally, chimney cleaning should be scheduled before the onset of winter as this will keep the fireplace and chimney ready for cozy fires and impromptu fireplace events. Additionally, the chimney should be cleaned whenever it starts smoking.