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Your Home Security Situation

security-guardBurglaries and break-ins happen with marvelous frequency all over the country. While you cannot prevent burglars from functioning in other areas there are a few steps that you can take to reduce the chances of a burglar picking your home for a strike. By increasing the security in and around your home, you can ensure greater safety for your family and your possessions.


Many security firms sell burglar alarms that are activated when an intruder enters your home. However, by then the burglar is inside and might pick a few small expensive items before escaping ahead of the police. One way of enhancing the utility of the alarm is to make it visible. Posting the name of the security company can also deter burglars from picking your home as their target.

Locks and Bolts

While most burglars can open any lock or dead bolt given time, they are unlikely to be willing to spend a lot of time on your doorstep fiddling with the lock and drawing attention to themselves. This makes it important to install better quality locks and bolts on the all the doors leading outdoors.


Apart from doors, burglars can also enter you home through open windows. In order to increase the security of your home, you can install burglar proof windows on the ground floor. Additionally, you need to ensure that there are not any convenient ways in which a burglar can climb up to the first floor – trees close to windows, ladders left propped up against the wall or in the garden, and so on can prompt a burglar to target your home.

While a lot of burglaries happen each day across the country, you can still increase the security of your home by implementing a few simple measures such as installing alarms and using better quality locks and bolts.