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Air Conditioning Repair Systems


Air conditioning systems need regular repair and maintenance to ensure that they cool properly and keep energy bills low. Typically, residents realize that the AC requires servicing when it is noisy, does not cool as expected, or drips water.

Common Areas to Focus On

The air conditioning system needs to be checked for faults in the compressor, the fan, the vents, and the hoses when there is a problem. The repair of the air conditioning system typically involves cleaning the filters and checking the hoses for any leaks. Another reason for an AC to malfunction could be a leak from the compressor.

The compressor is the main part of the air conditioning unit and contains the coolant. Sometimes, the compressor develops a leak and when the coolant is no longer inside, the air conditioner cannot cool. The technician who examines the AC will be able to determine if the compressor can be refilled with coolant or not.

Proper Fan Blade Alignment

Another reason for a poorly functioning AC could be bent fan blades. The technician who is repairing the AC will check the alignment of the blades in the fan and realign them if necessary. Often this is sufficient to ensure that the noise made by the AC is reduced.

If the compressor and the fan of the air conditioning unit are working properly, the repair technician will check the hoses. The hose is a duct that brings cool air from the compressor to the vent of the air conditioner indoors. If this hose has developed a leak, the technician will suggest replacing it.

Appropriate Maintenance

While an air conditioning unit is expected to keep the interiors cool even on hot days, it can malfunction if not maintained properly. Regular cleaning of the filters and prompt attention when it is noisy can help prolong the life of the unit.