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Wording Home Inspection Requirements in Contracts

contractWhen you are looking to purchase a house the seller is expected to disclose all pertinent facts. However, this is never complete because the seller might themselves be unaware of certain problems in the home. Whether you are purchasing a new house or an old one, the contract should include a clause about home inspection.


The contract to purchase the house should specify who will pay for the home inspection. Typically, it is better if you pay for it since this will make you the client of the home inspector.


The contract should also specify the possible impact of the home inspection on the purchase of the home. If you are looking to buy a home, the contract should specify the terms under which the price might be renegotiated – for instance if the home inspection reveals substantial problems that will be expensive to correct. Other contracts can ask the seller to pay for the rectification or undertake the repairs before the sale goes through.


A home inspection is a vital safeguard when purchasing a house. However, its value will increase only when the contract specifies what aspects will be covered by a home inspection. In general, a home inspection should cover the structural soundness of the home, its mechanical components, as well as test for the presence of radon and termites. If you or a family member is susceptible to allergies, the home inspection can also include a test for allergens and mold.


Many states have certifications for home inspectors. If this is not available, you need to obtain references from friends and brokers. These should be people you trust and that have credibility. If the home inspector is there brother or best friend, that does not mean you cannot use that person. It just means you should ask certain types of questions and they should be upfront about that information. Additionally, the home inspection should be conducted by a person who is willing to provide a detailed report in writing and who has the experience to spot any problems.